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Are you looking for an affordable option to treat Noisy Hydraulic Lifters, Engines, Gearboxes, Powerstering, etc? Then you are in the right place as there are thousands of satisfied customers including Mechanics & Engineers that have voted this product the No 1. solution in the world for the above problems. View the 3 min demo here NOW and read the testimonials below to save yourself a ton of cash!
Use in all Oil types, Mineral, Synthetic, Gear Oil, Differentials, Hydraulics, Power-steering, etc.

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Saul, Thanks for your email! It is great to see other owners are receiving just as much enjoyment and satisfaction from your product as I have. I purchased x2 bottles of the Pro-Ma MBL8 additive; hoping to at least quiet'n down my notorious Mitsubishi lifters, but I have reaped so much more. To put it plainly, there is no more noise! I must admit I was a little skeptical at first with the bold claims of your product as seen in the demo online; but after witnessing it for myself not only are my lifters whisper silent but a small amount into my power-steering has made it lighter and quietened the pump as well!

I have since been using this also in my fiancées SSS pulsar which has also put a stop to the noisy lifers and the rattle on a cold start-up. I really cannot express just how satisfied I was with the entire experience, from friendly service to quick response and lightning fast delivery! (I mean next day? WOW!).

I would like to express my appreciation for your product and fantastic service; all these points have been raised on our VR4 forum many times by other members and I'm glad to say, resulting in even more satisfied users of your product.

Keep up the great work!


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"Hi Saul, I received everything in the mail like you said, thanks a million! I’ve treated my Subaru engine of 280,000 km with the Pro-Ma MBL8 Oil Additive and took the boys to school the next morning (when the lifter noise is at its loudest and longest) and absolutely no lifter noise from cold to operating temperature. I would like to trial it for the next week to be 100% then if it consistently stays quiet and still produces the extra power, with your permission I would love create an outlet in Sydney for this much needed miraculous product. I tried every thing with this car previously to fix the problem including Wynns lifter free, Bi-Tron, replaced seals in the oil pump, replaced thermostat with one that opens later, different oil viscosities etc and nothing has worked like the Pro-Ma Performance Products treatment."

John Portelli
(Automotive Mechanic – Sydney)

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“Hi Saul, sorry for the late reply. I received the package a day after your last mail and was waiting to give it a try until yesterday. True to the claim made by forum-ers, the Pro-Ma MBL8 Oil Additive truly worked. I changed the engine oil last Saturday, added the recommended portion and the noisy lifters are now silent. I have a few friends that have the same problem and I have recommended them the product. I gave them your email so they could contact you directly.

Thanks Saul!”

Deano Maling

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“Hi Saul, I received the package last week.We own a 1998 Mitsubishi Pajero 3.5 with 193 000 km on the clock. As is typical with these motors the hydraulic lifters have become rather noisy. I did an oil change over the weekend, adding the MBL8. After running the motor for a few minutes the lifter noise disappeared completely.

Thanks for a great product!”

(South Africa)

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“Recently when I had my Mazda serviced, I asked the service department the last litre of oil to be given to me in an oil bottle, the dealership manager asked why and what was I doing? I was back at the dealership about 2 days later for other reasons and he noticed how quiet my vehicle was and again asked for details. Consequently, I’ve emailed him with the product name and that of Pro-Ma Performance Products. I’ve been buying Pro-Ma MBL8 oil additive for many years with great results. My use started in the late 1970’s or early 1980’s with a Falcon that developed sticky hydraulic lifters. One treatment fixed the problem and allowed me to avoid having the head removed at considerable expense. I’ve continued to use the product in many applications from petrol engined vehicles, stationary engines, a 4 stroke lawn mower, a BMW R1150 motorcycle and of course, my diesel Mazda BT50. Just for interest, I still have a 1982 Honda 5 hp mower that starts and runs very well and was used to mow a half acre block for almost 20 years.”

Ross Ward
Yarra Glen, Vic

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Saul I just wanted to give you some positive feed back that I have had some big improvment in my cars performance since I received the MBL8 & PT5 in the mail.

I own a 2002 Nissan M35 Stagea it has a high performance 2.5 V6 Turbo (petrol), When I imported the vehicle from Japan it had 50,000 km with no service history and after looking at the state of the oil and air filter I suspected it had not been serviced for a while if at all. My father told me to change the oil and add the MBL8 oil treatment and also use the PT5 petrol additive, before I service the car I needed to drive to the family farm 350 km away, whilst filling up for the drive i put in the correct amount of PT5 and when I arrived at the farm I had noticed it had used less fuel then it did in previous trips, I then serviced my car added the MBL8 Oil treatment as directed, I drove back home a few days later, after a few days of driving to work I noticed that my car was much more responsive, increased power, quieter, the turbo was also spooling up much quicker and no doubt I have extended its life, all of this has happened of only one dose of MBL8 so I am looking forward to the next service.

I recommended Pro-Ma to all my friends and all my family to use the products in there various cars including a late model Volkswagon Diesel and Mitsubishi Pajero Diesel and also a high performance Ford Falcon XR turbo. I have also posted a recommendation to the products on

So thanks to the team at Pro-Ma

Daniel Blackburn

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Saul, As you may remember, My father (Geoff Burnett) put me on to you and the PRO-MA products and strongly recommended I use the MBL8 and DT5 plus additives when I recently purchased my 95 Model 80 Series LC. I was immediately impressed with the MBL8 oil additive, with the almost instant reduction in noise from the Gearbox and more noticeably the Engine. It certainly doesn't sound like a 15yr old 245,000Km vehicle! I've used approximately half of the DT5 plus diesel treatment (1ltr bottle) and am also impressed with the results. The Cruiser is certainly my lively and drives with so much more urge - There's no tradition diesel soot blowing out the rear now either which is due to dirty/blocked injectors I'm told. Dad, who drives the vehicle rarely, has noticed an increase in ability when accelerating. Unfortunately I don't have an extensive history of fuel economy however I am please to report that when I first bought the vehicle around town economy was recorded at 14.8L/100km and now my most recent recording is 13.9L/100km. I will continue to monitor fuel consumption and most definitely continue to use the PRO-MA products in the old girl. Happy to recommend PRO-MA from my experiences.

Doug Burnett

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I had trouble with noisy hydraulic lifters for ages- despite replacing some of them, and spending a small fortune on ‘good oil’, 1 treatment of MBL fixed them 15000 k’s ago, despite oil changes since, they are still as quite as I expect. Top product- I have tried other so-called additives in the past with no noticeable effect- MBL blew me away, Will try and dig up a photo of me and my car (1999 Mitsu Legnum, 2.5 twin turbo V6). Haven’t tried anything else yet - keen to try some fuel additive- especially the Diesel fuel additive for my work vehicle. Will recommend your product on OzVR4- a Mitsubishi Legnum forum, plus to some other people I have contact with (I was a Mechanic for 15yrs). Have not seen your products for sale down in Tassie, nor in Darwin (I work between the 2 places). Nice to try something that actually works... As a mechanic, have tried buckets of wynns, nulon etc-with nowhere near the practically instant results achieved with your products (within 100 klms in my case).


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Hey Saul, I need a second bottle of that Proma additive? Did an oil change this week, added 100ml of the first bottle - lifter noise 100% gone!


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Hey Saul, Thanks alot for the product!!! I went to my mechanic he told me I would have to replace my lifters or something could be bent and was looking at around the $600-$700 which i could not afford. So I decided to try other lifter free tune up you could get, tried about 3 of them one of them that i tired the guy told me he can only sell to mechanics but would sell to me because id been back 3 -2 times already so there i was thinking maybe third time lucky but it did not make the slightest difference. So i kept re searching and read about this and found this website and purchased it.

1 day alter i got the product with out even changing the oil put it straight it and literally 30seconds later I could not hear no annoying ticking lifter noise.

I WAS AMAZED !!!!!!!!

I use it in a Proton Satria Gti 2000 model with only 90,000km on it. I would strongly recommend SAVED ME $600-$700.


Zohaib Malik - Sydney NSW

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Hi Saul,

Here’s a photo of my 2000 model Challenger. with 255,000km on the clock. Its tatty as all hell but mechanically sound. All except for a very irritating lifter noise. These engines are notorious for it.

I’ve tried lighter oils, heavier oils, various off the shelf lifter treatments and the mythical “rev it slowly to 3000rpm over and over again”, all to no avail.

Then I read about the MBL8 on-line and decided to try it.

I changed the oil and filter after a good engine flush, put 3.5 litre of fresh oil in and started the engine. I added 100ml of MBL8 to the last litre of oil and trickled it into the running engine. As I poured, the noise got quieter until after a couple of minutes it disappeared completely.

I’m blown away.

Cheers mate, I’ll certainly be using this stuff again.

With kind regards


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